Dmitri Shostakovich; Hamlet - The Gadfly
Berlin Radio Symphony Orchestra/Leonid Grin
10-Performance, 10-Sound Quality
"... Beautifully written, performed, and recorded...and almost 80 minutes! Get this cd and eat your heart out."
Wayne Green, CD Review Magazine
Prokofiev: Symphony 2 in D minor; Summer Night; Autumn
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 762 (Koch International)
"The Second Symphony is the most difficult of the seven. For its time it must have have seemed very hard to listen to. It is savage, nasty and aggresive-fortissimo for pages on end. Maybe that is why the coda (a subdued restatement of the theme and variations of II) is so touching and beautiful. ... This is simply an outstanding disc. In such a fine performance even the brutal Second Symphony has something to say to me."
Vroon, American Record Guide
Prokofiev: Waltz Suite, op 110; Pushkin Waltzes; A Summer Day
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 769 (Koch International)
"Russian-born conductor Leonid Grin conducts a fine Finnish orchestra in some of the most charming music that Prokofief wrote. ... I am content, as I imagine most listeners will be, with this Ondine recording, with its zestful conducting and lovely playing by an orchestra of which I was previously unaware."
Michael Ullman, Fanfare
Erkki Melartin: Symphonies 5 & 6
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 799 (Koch International)
"Grin was the finder of Melartin's music and the music meets Grin's romantic soul beautifully ... Grin's recorded Melartin-testament tells us not only about the beautiful attitude of our orchestra towards our own music tradition but first of all about that enormous, huge professional development of the orchestra during the last four years with Maestro Grin ..."
Finnish Record Magazine
Erkki Melartin: Symphonies 2 & 4
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 822 (Koch International)
"... It would be hard to imagine anyone not responding to Melartin's healthy, optimistic writing in these symphonies ... The TPO plays these smphonies as if they were its bread and butter. Grin, a Ukranian-born protege of Leonard Bernstein, has been their artistic director since 1990, and he conducts them with charisma. Listeners responding positively to this disc (and I think many will) may want to check out its predecessor, Ondine ODE 799-2, which contains the composer's Fifth and Sixth Symphonies played by the same forces. Excellent sound. Most enthusiastically recommended."
Raymond S. Tuttle, Fanfare
Erkki Melartin: Symphonies 1 & 3
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 841 (Koch International)
"Siren call from across the Baltic ... The excellent Tampere Philharmonic under Music Director Leonid Grin gives strong advocacy to the music."
BBC Music Magazine
Tchaikovsky: Entr'Actes from Hamlet
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 782 (Koch International)
Anton Rubenstein: Piano Concerto no 4 in D minor; Moritz Moszkowski: Piano Concerto in E major
Matti Raekallio: Piano
Tampere Philharmonic/Leonid Grin
Ondine 818 (Koch International)
1994 International Akzo Nobel for Young Talent Program in Holland

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